Nature's Image Corals

Photo of Nature's Image Corals
The Realistic Approach To Sharing Nature's Beauty

Nature's Image is proud to present their award winning line of artificial corals. The corals that are represented here are exact replicas of those that occur on coral reefs around the world.

  • The Design: These coral designs have been taken from true corals found around the world to make sure of the accuracy of the design.
  • The Colors: While the colors of an individual coral can differ based on it's environment and lighting you can trust that all color variations and combination's can be found in nature.
  • The Materials: You can be assured that these products will not adversely affect your aquarium and it's occupants.
Selling At Dealers Cost - Brand New In Box
(Call for availability - Will ship within the United States)
Medium NI-58A  Sale Price $12.75  Blue Coral 7.25x4.5x5.5

Medium NI-22E  Sale Price $8.25  Fan Acropora 6.5.5x5.5

Medium NI-22E  Sale Price $8.25  Light Fan Acropora 6x5.5x5.5

Small NI-48A  Sale Price  $7.85  Cup Coral 5x4x3

Large NI-63A  Sale Price $31.50  Pocillopora 8x13x9

Small NI-39C  Sale Price $12.85  Anemone 5.5x5x3
Large NI-34  Sale Price $35.85  Tubinaria 9x8x5.5

Small NI-55A  Sale Price $8.20  Rugosa 5x5x4
Large NI-56A  Sale Price $39.50  Rugosa 10x9x5

Small NI-13B  Sale Price $9.20  Humilus 4x5x3

Medium NI-8A  Sale Price $17.55  Pocillopora 8x6.5x5.5

Small NI-11C  Sale Price $17.75  Bushy Acropora 6x6x53


Small NI-11A  Sale Price $17.75  Bushy Acropora 6x6x53

Medium NI-6A  Sale Price $20.55  Pocillopora 8x7.5x4.5

Small NI-24E  Sale Price $8.25  Branching Acropora 5.5x4.5x5

Medium NI-53B  Sale Price $18.00  Cup Coral 8x7x5

Small NI-151  Sale Price  $12.95 Leather (flowered) 5.5x5.5x2.5

Facts About Care And Maintenance
  • Made of special high-grade polyurethane, they are completely safe for the livestock and water quality in both fresh and saltwater  aquariums.
  • These coral replicas can be placed in the aquarium immediately, there is no curing time. Of course, a freshwater rinse is always advisable to remove any  packing residue or dust.
  •  These coral replicas are not painted or dyed the color of the piece is solid throughout.
  • These coral replicas are UV color stabilized, this allows us to guarantee 95% color retention over years of exposure to  both aquarium lights and sun.
  • The natural build up of algae can be considered by some to enhance the beauty of an aquarium. However, if cleaning is required, a gentle scrubbing with a soft  toothbrush works well. If you prefer, you may soak the piece in a 20% - 80% bleach and water solution
  • CAUTION: When using bleach on any aquarium ornament or decoration allow it to dry and set at least 24 hours in the sun in order for the chlorine to dissipate.